How To Control the Influx of Free Cheap Toys

There seems to always be an influx of toys coming into our home. Beyond birthdays and holidays, there is an abundance of free random gifts! There are party favor gifts. Free toy items to pick from the basket at the dentist’s office, the shoe store, and summer bookmobile reading program. It seems we can’t go anywhere these days without the opportunity for my kids to come home with some new free cheap toy!

Creating a Life of Intention

What if we only did the things that brought us lasting joy? What if we were able to clear out not only the items in our life, but the actions in our life that bring us down? What if we could intentionally create a life that left us feeling fulfilled instead of exhausted?

How Minimalism Has Improved My Life

As my husband and I dive deeper into living a minimalist lifestyle, we are slowly sharing this change with the people around us. Today we were asked how becoming minimalists has improved our lives. As expected, we have less to maintain and clean and more time for the things that we value. But I knew I had another answer; one I wasn’t able to answer in the moment. Something bigger. Something life changing. This is what I didn’t get the chance to share…

A Western Minimalist Home

I’m definitely a minimalist when it comes to my home. I like clean lines and a spacious airy feeling, but to add a little more character, I love the idea of adding eclectic hints to bring texture and color. There are so many great ethnicities and lifestyles you can feature in your home. Today, I bring you out West. So if you are a cowboy fan, I have got some great ideas for you in this post!

A Values-Run Life

My decluttering journey started with a vision for a new future. A future filled with love, laughs, joy, and spending my energy doing something amazing with my family. But as long as my husband, kids, and I stay in our 1,800 square foot home and filling it up with stuff I know that vision will stay in the future. I want this life, this one life we have, to be amazing. Off the charts amazing. The only way to make this happen is to let our values lead the way.