Bright & Airy

Kids Bedroom Inspiration

Decluttering is only half the fun. Once you’ve figured out what to keep and what to say goodbye to, the next step is loving the room you have decluttered. When I’m looking for inspiration in room design, I go to to find pictures I love.

I have found that I love the bright and airy feeling in a room – a space that welcomes, relaxes, and creates joy. I recently got my girls’ bedroom to fit that bright and airy feeling and I’m helping a friend declutter her son’s room. So I’ve got kids bedrooms on the brain.

I decided to go to and find inspiring pictures to share with you so you can get that bright and airy look as well! Enjoy!

Go Neutral

Мы поплывем по волнам
Photo by QT INTERIOR DESIGN - Search Scandinavian nursery pictures
Greenwich Lane Townhouse
Photo by B Interior - Search contemporary kids' room pictures

Go as neutral as possible throughout the bedroom. White, light gray, or another very light color for the walls allows the room to feel airy. My favorite wall color is Popular Gray from Sherwin Williams. I also love white woodwork. My favorite white color is Snowbound from Sherwin Williams.

One Pop of Color

Contemporary Kids
Photo by - More contemporary kids' room photos
Ramon Turró
Photo by Beivide Studio - Interiorismo - More Scandinavian kids' room ideas
Photo by NICHE home styling - Browse Scandinavian kids' room ideas
Upper West Side Duplex
Photo by YDC design - More contemporary nursery photos

Pick one thing to draw the attention. Designing one wall with a bold color, design, or wall paper can be a great focal point. Make sure to keep the other walls a light neutral color so the room doesn’t become over powering. If you have a comforter you love, make that the one piece that draws your eye and keep the rest white. Or maybe a colorful bed frame would be fun and keep the bedding white. If neutral walls and bedding speak to you, maybe a fun rug can be your one pop of color! Once you decide what your focal point will be, the key is to keep the rest pretty neutral – whites, tans, grays.

Minimal Storage

Lit enfant avec sommier 90x200 Flexa
Photo by Alfred et Compagnie - Look for Scandinavian kids' room pictures
Photo by Michael Wickham Photography - Discover contemporary kids' room design inspiration
Förvaringslåda "Don´t Grow up" på hjul, Bloomingville
Photo by Solhem Inredning - Discover Scandinavian kids' room design ideas

Next, keep toys to a minimum in bedrooms. In my home, my girls have their stuffed animals on their beds, a box of dress-up clothes, and they each have a small cute storage box for their collections and other small personal items.

I love the storage/collection box idea. It gives kids the freedom to decide what is important to them, but also creates a limit they have to maintain. The pictures above show other great ideas for storing your kids’ personal items – over the bed shelving, bookcase next to the bed, or a large fabric basket by the bed. The important thing is to create a defined space. Once the space is overflowing, your child needs to decide what stays and what goes.

Beautiful Closet Space

Photo by CLOSET ENVY INC. - Browse transitional closet photos
Upper East Side Apartment
Photo by Lauren Rubin Architecture - Browse contemporary closet ideas
Kids Closets and Built-Ins
Photo by Tailored Living feat PremierGarage of Northern VA - Search traditional closet design ideas
Photo by SISSY+MARLEY - Browse contemporary closet photos

The last place to take into account is your kid’s closet. I love painting the inside of the closet the same as the rest of the room. It makes the closet feel like a part of the design and really ties the room together. Plus, looking at the clothes hanging in the closet is a much more enjoyable experience.

I also encourage people to maximize the use of their closet and ditch the dresser. This will allow you to remove a bulky piece of furniture, opening up the room and instantly creating an airy feeling.

In your kid’s closet, use cute baskets for underwear/socks and any other items you wouldn’t hang or fold on a shelf. Or you could have your closet custom designed. I love the look of the narrow closet above – a little bit of everything – hanging space, shelf space, and drawers.

As a part of the decluttering process, try to keep some of the closet space unoccupied. This means an empty shelf and space between hanging clothes. This will allow the closet to feel airy and keep a little space open for use when needed later.

Another simple trick – use uniform hangers. This will allow the closet to feel more streamlined and keep the focus on the clothes. I love Huggable Hangers from Target.

Hope these pictures inspire you in your design journey! A child’s room is a precious space. A place where you cuddle with your little one, read books together, and where your child can showcase his/her interests and personality! When you create a space you can love and maintain easily, it’s a room that will create joy every day in your home.

Beyond the decluttering process, I love making bedrooms feel bright and airy. If you would love some help in redesigning your child’s bedroom, I would be honored to help you create a room that you and your child love.