Baby Clothes for # 2

With our first baby, we buy new clothes for our little one because we are starting something new. As our little one quickly grows, we hold onto their tiny outfits for baby number two (or three or four). We are trying to be smart and save ourselves money. This is a great idea, but what if you end up with a closet full or a dozen boxes worth of clothes for your future baby?

I recently helped a friend declutter her baby boy clothing collection. She wanted to keep some clothes in case she has another boy down the road, but knew she probably didn’t need the full assortment that had piled up.

Last week, she packed her mini van with all the boxes she could find full of newborn to 18-24 month boy clothes and dropped them off at my house.

Boxes and boxes of boy clothes stacked on top of each other

Boy, was I excited to tackle this project!!!! No, truly, I was super pumped! I love this stuff!

I went through each box and made piles of all the different sizes. Once each box had been emptied, I then took one pile at a time and decided if it was trash (stained, worn out), keep, or garage sale items.

Once I had my three piles, I went through the keep pile in more detail. I looked at how many of each item I had (sleepers, onesies, shorts, pants, t-shirts, long-sleeves, etc). My goal was to have approximately 5 outfits per age group. Since there are overlapping age groups (3-6mo, 6-9mo, etc) I knew that this would be sufficient.

We started with 810 baby clothing items and the final keep pile contained 119 items. We reduced her baby boy clothing storage by over 85% and fit all 119 items in one storage container.

One simple tote with the remaining clothes

I organized the keep clothes in age group piles. I also tried to group outfits together (sleeper with onesie). I also tried to create multi season outfits (tee, long sleeve, shorts, pants). I tied a string around each pile and labeled it so when the next baby boys comes, it will be super easy to identify what clothes she will need to pull out.

I also created a note on how to be successful with a smaller wardrobe. Most likely, when the next baby comes, a few new clothes will trickle in – gifts or hand me downs from friends/family, but with a smaller selection of clothes here are a few tips to extend their usefulness:

  1. PJ’s: If your child has not peed through, hang it up to air out and have your child rewear it for a few days before washing again.
  2. Clothes: If your child has clothing free of spills or other messes, hang it up to air out and rewear.
  3. Laundry: Use a small laundry basket to collect all dirty clothes or just kids clothes (whichever you prefer). Once the basket is mostly full, throw clothes in the wash on cold. With this method you will have approximately one load of laundry every other day and you won’t run out of clean clothes.

    If washing clothes every other day seems like a lot, remember it is just one load. You can throw the clothes in the wash in the morning, in the dryer in the evening, and put away the next day if you like.

I am so excited about the results of this project. The piles of clothes will no longer be a point of stress in my friend’s life and she is all set for baby boy # 2.

And if she doesn’t have a baby boy # 2, then she has a great gift for a friend or family member having a baby boy.

Do you have piles of baby clothes in your home? Is it causing you stress every time you walk into that room or closet and see those piles? I would love to help you get decluttered and organized.

You can even drop off your piles at my home – email me and mention this post and I’ll give you a $5/hour discount if you bring your piles of baby clothes to me.

If you want a garage sale/craigslist pile returned to you or if you just want me to drop the additional clothes off at Goodwill and give you the donation receipt, I’m happy to do that as well!

Happy Decluttering - Jaime