100 Thing Challenge

How many personal items do you own? This includes your clothes, shoes, jackets, hats, toiletry items, cell phone, charger, bike, sleeping bag… the list can go on and on! What do you think your number is? My number and list are below.

The Book

The book link below is an affiliate link, which means if you choose to purchase the book, a small portion of the sale will support Jaime Declutters at no cost to you.

I read Dave Bruno’s The 100 Thing Challenge in less than 24 hours. I loved his honesty about why we accumulate things and our struggles to let go. Maybe we really wanted something as a child and so we try to satisfy our younger self as an adult or maybe we have an image of who we want to be and buy things to create that (but not actually become that).

He talks about his journey in his challenge. He also defines his challenge. His 100 items would be his own personal items. So anything he shared with his wife or kids didn’t count (such as his bed, piano, dishes). He made the challenge a bit easier by making socks collectively an item and underwear collectively an item instead of counting the pairs individually. His favorite books counted as 1 library. He could also buy things as long as he stayed under 100 things total.

The entire time I was reading this book I was thinking about my own items. How many do I own? I have decluttered a lot (A LOT) over the past few years. I knew I didn’t have a ton, but still - was it 100 items? When I counted my personal items - items I don’t share with my family - I came up with 84 items!

My 100 Things List

  1. Pair of Black Pants
  2. Pair of Athletic Pants
  3. Pair of Athletic Capri Pants
  4. Pair of Athletic Shorts
  5. Nice Short Sleeve Top
  6. Zip Sweatshirt
  7. Sweatshirt
  8. Sweater
  9. T-shirt
  10. T-shirt
  11. Tank Top
  12. Dress
  13. Nightgown
  14. Winter PJ Top
  15. Winter PJ Pants
  16. Swimsuit
  17. Swimsuit
  18. Bra
  19. Bra
  20. Sports Bra
  21. Pair of Socks
  22. Pair of Socks
  23. Pair of Socks
  24. Pair of Socks
  25. Pair of Socks
  26. Pair of Socks
  27. Pair of Socks
  28. Pair of Socks
  29. Underwear
  30. Underwear
  31. Underwear
  32. Underwear
  33. Underwear
  34. Winter Jacket
  35. Pair of Winter Gloves
  36. Winter Headband
  37. Vizor
  38. Pair of Old Tennis Shoes (for mowing lawn)
  39. Pair of New Tennis Shoes
  40. Pair of Flip Flops
  41. Pair of High Heels
  42. Pair of Winter Boots
  43. Sunglasses
  44. Medication
  45. Medication
  46. Medication
  47. Shampoo
  48. Conditioner
  49. Shaving Cream
  50. Razor
  51. Moonpad
  52. Moonpad
  53. Moonpad
  54. Moonpad
  55. Comb
  56. Eye Cream
  57. Foot Scrub
  58. Toothbrush
  59. Retainer
  60. Foundation
  61. Blush
  62. Mascara
  63. Eye Brow Pencil
  64. Make-Up Brush
  65. Make-Up Holder
  66. Full Length Mirror
  67. Wedding Band
  68. Wallet
  69. Totebag
  70. Keys
  71. Phone
  72. Phone Charger
  73. Armband Phone Case
  74. Headphones
  75. Exercise Band
  76. Pillow (I don’t like to share)
  77. Camping Pillow
  78. Camping Sleeping Pad
  79. Water Bottle
  80. Beach Towel
  81. Beach Towel
  82. Pack of Business Cards
  83. Journal
  84. Disney Wristband

My Counting Journey

As I was going through my items. I found a few things that I no longer use and added them to my Goodwill donation box or threw away. These items included: a baseball cap, a watch, a comb, a brush, and a second armband for my phone.

Because I found my list was decently smaller than 100, I decided to count out items I could have made a bulk item (socks, bras). I don’t own many clothes and am happy with that - though I do plan to add 1 or 2 pairs of jeans, a pair of mittens, and a new long sleeve shirt in the near future (making my list 88 items).

While I share my bed with my husband, I don’t like sharing my pillow so I put that on my list (just ask my husband, he likes my pillow, and I don’t like to share). I have a camping sleeping pad but the sleeping bag is not on my list because the sleeping bag is a double that my husband and I share.

I don’t wear a lot of make up so my list there is short. I didn’t include my engagement ring because we sold it earlier this year (read about that here). I included a full length mirror, even though I could say I share, because it was honestly a splurge item I have in my bedroom that I love.

And the oddest thing on my list is probably the Disney wristband. We visited Disney World last year and I am hoping our family will visit again soon so I guess I’m keeping the wristband for now.

Your Turn

Would you be willing to take the 100 Thing Challenge? If you are interested, but overwhelmed by the idea, that’s ok. Start with one category - probably clothes. Go through your clothes and count out your items (declutter along the way). Then move onto another room, closet, or drawer. Maybe make your own rules that make sense for your life.

If you would like help decluttering, maybe even getting down to 100 personal items, I would be honored to help you reach your goal. Life is so much more than the items we own. If you are holding onto items because they are suppose to make you a runner, rock climber, woodworking artisan, or camper but deep down you know that those things really aren’t you - it is ok to say goodbye to that dream and make room for something that truly speaks to your heart and goals.