Cozy Couches

I love getting cozy on the couch with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. Having a comfortable space where you can relax, unwind from a long day of work, watch a favorite movie with your littles, or snuggle with a book on a rainy day is important.

So what makes a couch so comfy? I guess the answer to that question can be different for many people. But here is one answer that I love:

Use Blankets

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I recently read the book Simple Home: Calm Spaces For Comfortable Living by Mark and Sally Bailey. It is a great book with lots of lovely pictures.

While the book has lots of ideas for simple home design, the one that stood out to me was creating cozy furniture. Many of us can’t wait to trade out our current worn furniture for something new, shiny, and stain free. But in this book Mark and Sally encourage us to think differently.

Your worn out couch is filled with your stories - where your family snuggles up for movie nights, where you and your spouse stayed up all night watching reruns of Friends, and where you chatted with good friends and shared a bottle of wine.

So your couch is stained, a little worn, but it has a history with love. Instead of tossing your couch, Simple Home has an alternative idea. Make use of your blankets. You end up covering those worn out spots and stains and add layers of warmth and texture to your couch.

Photo of our couch, covered with blankets

I recently did this with our furniture. I was itching to get a new couch, but now love it again. This probably saved me $1,000 dollars in new furniture and helped me utilize our blankets (saving us the need for storage).

I find our couch to be cozier than ever. Could you love your couch again just by using your blankets?

Picture Inspiration

Here are some pictures from of cozy looking couches that incorporate the use of blankets. Enjoy!

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