The Freedom of Contentment

According to the word content means: to be satisfied with what one is or has. In order to be content with what one has, first we need to be thankful. Are we truly thankful for what we have, or do we feel that what we have is never enough?

In any given day, without any effort, I think about what I don’t have. What would make me more comfortable (a cute organic cotton robe to throw on over my PJ’s) or what would make me feel more beautiful (maybe a new blouse to pull out the blueness of my eyes).

But what if I could turn my thinking around? What if instead, I was thankful for my cozy PJ’s and the sweatshirt I can throw on and the heat in my home? What if I was thankful for my natural blue eyes and the blouse I already own? What if I recognized my own beauty and that I didn’t need anything to enhance it, because I am naturally beautiful.

If I am thankful for what I already have, I can find contentment in what I already own. And if I am content, I do not need to buy. If I do not need to buy, then I don’t bring new clutter into my home, save my money, and find freedom.

I find freedom financially because I am able to use that money to pay off debt and save for emergencies and my future. I find freedom because I am no longer pulled by a desire of material items and can start enjoying my life.

If you were content with what you have and stopped spending money on items you don’t need and you were able to use that money for financial freedom, what would that freedom bring you?

If you didn’t have to work 40+ hours a week to pay for all your stuff, could you spend more time with your kids, find time to exercise, make healthy meals at home, enjoy a slower pace of life, enjoy more time with friends, take long walks in the fresh air, and find a craft that you enjoy spending time working on?

If you had the freedom to enjoy your life, what would your life look like?