Our Hilton Head Island Vacation

We are home and finally settled back into every day life after our first ever winter road trip. It was an awesome trip and I’m excited to share a little bit of it here with you. I would definitely recommend visiting Hilton Head Island, SC if you have never been. It is beautiful down there!

We have always traveled with our girls in the summer, so this was our first winter road trip. We drove eight hours a day for two days to get to our destination. That was a lot of time in the car - add the fact that all five of us had a cold - and we were exhausted by the time we got to our Airbnb place in the dark. (above: the view from our balcony)

The next morning we woke up to sunshine. Let me repeat that - SUNSHINE PEOPLE! SUNSHINE! I love the sun so much! It makes me smile, it gives me energy, and it somehow fills me with peace. I found myself sitting on our balcony watching the waves on the beach that morning. It was so relaxing.

Our first day on the island, my husband and I took a walk to get coffee and pick up a few groceries while our kiddos had some beloved grandparent time! It was awesome! Chris and I sat on some chairs outside of the coffee shop, sipping our hot coffees while wearing shorts and soaking up the sun - life truly could not have been better in that moment!

After our walk, we met up with my in-laws and our kiddos on the beach. It was a perfect day; and I honestly could have stayed there forever. I told my husband he would have to take me home kicking and screaming.

The following two days weren’t as sunny, but my girls loved the beach, got to ride a pony, met some noisy parrots, and climbed up 105 stairs to the top of a lighthouse. It was a wonderful winter vacation - hopefully the first of many more.

Collage of pictures from our trip

Do you travel someplace warm in the cold winter months? Is there a winter vacation that you absolutely loved? I would love to hear about it!