Why We Sleep On The Floor

A friend walked into our home the other week. After walking past our bedrooms she asked - Where do you sleep? Fair question - there are no beds.

My response - Oh, we are floor sleepers!

How We Sleep

My husband and I have a double sleeping bag. We lay it out on our carpeted floor with our pillows. Our girls each have a sleeping bag and do the same thing. It’s basically like a slumber party every night.

Is it Uncomfortable?

It definitely took two weeks to a full month of floor sleeping for our bodies to adjust (kids adjust faster). That first week was especially rough. I am a tummy and side sleeper so I felt like my hips and shoulder were digging into the floor. This forced me to learned to sleep on my back more - which is really good for your back! But I am also comfortable on my tummy or side now as well.

We have been floor sleepers for about 4 months now and I am completely use to it. Sometimes my back is stiff in the morning, but it loosens up and I feel fine, especially if I do some yoga. Good reason to get back into a 5 minute morning yoga routine!

But WHY?

That’s the big question! Why choose to sleep on the floor when you can sleep in a soft bed raised up off the floor?

I never knew that floor sleeping was a thing until I came across this youtube video!

This video totally blew my mind. Right after watching this I knew our family would experiment with floor sleeping. And here is why:

  1. IT IS SO SIMPLE! I LOVE SIMPLE. My life has been hectic - let me just say one word, TWINS! - for the past five years. So if there is one word to describe how I want to live my life going forward it would be - SIMPLE! I love my twins and I love my life, but in order to enjoy this blessed life I have been given, I need the rest of my life to be simple.

  2. It puts the focus on sleep instead of on TRENDS. Back when we had beds I was always looking at catalogs for the bed frame and bedding that I would LOVE to purchase for my home. While there is nothing wrong with this, I found myself always wanting to update our bedrooms, spending more and more money to get that new look. In the end, it was a waste of money and energy. I no longer spend my time browsing WEST ELM or POTTERY BARN for the next big purchase to make our home look catalog perfect.

  3. It makes cleaning a BREEZE! Honestly, I hate cleaning (organizing and decluttering is a different story). Most mornings, I roll up the sleeping bags and put them and our pillows in the closet. When I do this, our bedrooms look empty. I can easily vacuum if I so choose. And, when it is time to wash the bedding, I just throw the sleeping bag in the washing machine, dryer, done. There is no mattress pad, fitted sheet, regular sheet, and comforter. It is literally one and done. - SO EASY!

  4. It makes our bedrooms MULTI-FUNCTIONAL. Once the sleeping bags are rolled up and tucked in the closet, the bedrooms become a play space and an office. No need for a separate playroom and office, allowing us to live smaller!

Will We Do This Forever?

I don’t believe that anything is really forever. So I can’t answer that - maybe, maybe not. But here is what I am planning:

Right now we are floor sleeping. While we are in our current house or if we move, we will probably be floor sleeping. Talk about making moving easier - No bed frames or mattresses!

Once we settle into our dream tiny home, the little white shack, I have a new vision for our family. I love hardwood floors and plan to have a carpet free home. This will make floor sleeping a little more tricky - probably need a comfy mat or futon. I also love that our current situation allows us to fold up our bedding into our closet and I would love to recreate that feel.

My plan is to do this with murphy beds. I love the functionality of a good murphy bed. When it’s time to sleep we just flip our bed down and in the morning we close it back up. To make the space multi-functional we will have a desk that can flip out when the bed is upright.

So no, floor sleeping most likely won’t be a forever solution for us, but it has been a wonderful minimalist change, helping us move forward in our journey toward tiny living!