A Values-Run Life

My decluttering journey started with a vision for a new future. A future filled with love, laughs, joy, and spending my energy doing something amazing with my family. But as long as my husband, kids, and I stay in our 1,800 square foot home and filling it up with stuff I know that vision will stay in the future. I want this life, this one life we have, to be amazing. Off the charts amazing. The only way to make this happen is to let our values lead the way.

What We Value

Everyone has different values, thus everyone’s value run life will look a little different. That’s what makes the world such an exciting place. So, I’m going to share the values my husband and I have. You may relate to some. You may have different values - it’s all cool.

Our Faith - My husband and I are Christian and have a deeply faith driven life. I believe that the Lord is an amazing God who wants amazing things for us. That doesn’t mean life won’t throw curve balls or tragedies, but through it all, I believe God has a plan filled with LOVE for us.

Doing Good - This has so many meanings to me. It means treating people the way you want to be treated. It means living an eco-friendly life so that we leave this beautiful earth a place for everyone to enjoy.

Creating a Strong Family Unit - My husband and I want more intentional time with each other and our kids. For us, this means our day to day life, going out and exploring this world together, volunteering for a cause we feel passionate about together, and supporting ours and our girls’ passions.

Letting Those Values Take The Lead

Our Faith

This year, we are letting our values take the lead. We are trusting that the Lord has an amazing plan for our life and taking steps towards a new future. My husband and I have been talking for years about our dreams and what if’s. We tried taking steps towards this dream in years past. Those steps never panned out, but our dreams have never faded. We kept dreaming and taking baby steps.

A few weeks ago, God opened a big door for us. All of a sudden a bunch of things seemed to click and our home will go up for sale within weeks and our future is taking shape. I believe that the Lord has amazing plans, that he has been laying a foundation while we have been dreaming and taking baby steps. I’m excited to see where He leads us.

Doing Good

Along this journey, I have stopped buying paper towels, started buying more foods from the bulk aisle of my grocery store, started shopping second hand, and talk to my kids about living an earth friendly life - They were excited for Earth Day this year! N has told me that when she grows up she wants to move to Africa to save the Elephants. A reminds her sisters when lights are left on in the bathroom. And B told me that littering is garbage!

And while I am generally quite shy, I try to push myself to be outgoing. I have good friends in my town because I decided to be outgoing. I am so thankful for those friendships. I also focus on being happy for others and offer grace and forgiveness. It’s amazing how GRACE can change your perspective in life. These are all things I encourage in my girls as well.

Creating a Strong Family Unit

My husband and I started dreaming together two years ago. Before that, I had ideas, he had ideas, and they actually seemed in conflict with each other. That was a tough time. Then we started talking deeper about our dreams, our values.

We wanted more time together. We started dreaming about walking our kids to school together in the morning, working out together, working a job that is fulfilling, walking to school to pick our kids up together, and enjoying the outdoors with our kids on a regular basis. To make this dream even better, we want to travel with our kids, exploring, learning about, and making a positive difference in this wonderful world.

As we dug deeper into this dream, we realized that living a simpler life, one that freed us up financially would enable us to get closer to this dream. Once that happened, we started supporting each other’s passions. This has been a game changer in our marriage. To dream together and support each other is powerful.

When my husband found something he is passionate about, he came alive in a way I have never seen. He has said the same about me with our home remodeling journey. N has showed a love for fashion. She is always drawing up dress designs. I’m so excited to watch and support her in this passion as she gets older. And I can’t want to see what my other two find a calling for.

Running with our Values

Now that we are letting our values take the lead, we are running with it. There will be so many exciting changes happening in our life in the coming months. I’m excited for this next season in life that God has been preparing us for. And I’m excited to share this journey with you here.

Are you living a life run by your values? Have you gone through a journey that led your life in an exciting new direction? I would love to hear your story!