Minimalist Apartment Tour - Bathrooms

Two months ago we sold our 1,800 square foot home and moved into a 1,100 square foot apartment. We gave up about 700 square feet, an unfinished basement, and a backyard. How has our family adapted to our new home?

I am happy to say that we have transitioned just fine. We really aren’t lacking in space due to our minimalist lifestyle. Our old home had 3 full bathrooms. Our apartment has a full bathroom and a three quarters bathroom. We rarely used the third bathroom in our old house, so we are doing fine with two. Here is a look at our bathrooms:

Master Bathroom

Master bathroom

Our master bathroom is three quarters with a shower, no tub. We don’t use the shower in here to keep life easy and right now. Our family can survive with one shower and we choose to just use the main bathroom. My husband and I do keep our toiletries in here. Here is what we have in our bathroom:

Travel toiletries bag

This is our travel toiletries bag, but we hang it up in our bathroom and use it for day to day storage. I love this bag from Eagle Creek! In the top zippered pouch I have my make-up. The lower zippered pouch houses our retainers (Yes, Chris and I both wear retainers at night. Anyone else?) and our floss. In the pockets below, we have Chris’s hair gel and deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste, lotion and my clay face mask, and the teal pouch has facial cleaning wipes for when I’m lazy about washing my face.

Personal care items

Under the sink, I have a storage bin with other random personal care items: a wet bag, cotton rounds, Claire’s ear solution (N just got her ears pierced!), Chris’s two electric razors, a first aid kit, a heating pad, medicine, moon pads, tampons, a small hair spray bottle, nail polish and nail clippers, bobby pins and hair scissors, stainless steel blades for my razor, and a big pink cup for rinsing the girls’ hair when they took baths.

The drawers under our sink are fake, except the bottom one, which is empty.

I also don’t have a hair dryer, flat iron, or curling iron. I gave those up about 2 years ago to embrace my naturally curly hair. Not having those items saves a lot of storage space!

Main Bathroom

Main bathroom

Our main bathroom is pretty standard with a tub/shower combo. Here is a closer look at what we keep in this bathroom:

Drawer one

Drawer two

Drawer three

Under main bathroom sink

  • Drawer One: girls’ toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss
  • Drawer Two: hair brush, detangler, leave in conditioner, lotion, and a container with ponytails and N’s new earrings.
  • Drawer Three: pull-ups
  • Also under the sink we also store our towels.

Main bathroom shower

In our shower we have Chris’s shampoo, Honest Company conditioner and shampoo/body wash, a comb, and my stainless steel razor.

That’s a wrap for the bathroom tour. Is there anything you have in your bathrooms that you were surprised to not find in ours? Is there anything we use, that you don’t?

Next post, I’ll tour our kitchen!