Minimalist Apartment Tour - Kitchen

Two months ago we sold our 1,800 square foot home and moved into a 1,100 square foot apartment. We gave up about 700 square feet, an unfinished basement, and a backyard. How has our family adapted to our new home?

I am happy to say that we have transitioned just fine. We really aren’t lacking in space due to our minimalist lifestyle. It feels like we actually have more storage in this kitchen and we don’t use most of the cabinets.

I have been surprised by one thing. My love for a galley kitchen!

Our old home originally had a U shaped kitchen with lots of counter space on the peninsula. The year before moving we knocked down a wall to open the kitchen up to the rest of the house and traded in the peninsula for an island.

In the apartment we have a galley kitchen, closed off from the rest of the house. I didn’t think I would like it, but I have grown to love it a lot! It is super efficient.

In our apartment kitchen, I can be working at the countertop, turn 180 degrees to grab something from the fridge, toss dirty dishes in the sink, and take two steps into the pantry to retrieve what I need.

Here’s a look at our apartment kitchen:

View From The Dining Area

Kitchen sink, counter, and cabinets

Kitchen sink, counter, and cabinets

You may notice we don’t have a microwave. We haven’t used one in years. We also don’t use the dishwasher since I prefer to wash by hand. Our pantry is located at the back of the kitchen.

Our Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen oven, counter, and refrigerator

Our kitchen drawers hold everything from office supplies, art supplies (not shown above), small electronics, and small tools; to silverware, kitchen utensils, spices, oven mitts, and towels (not shown above).

Our Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen pantry

Our kitchen pantry is awesome and my favorite part of this kitchen. It can hold so much and I can organize and reorganize how I see fit to use it!

Currently it houses multiple boxes for recycling (paper, plastic, glass, TerraCycle, electronic), boxes for Goodwill donations, gift bags, grocery bags, lunch bags, some extra tissue boxes, stainer, mixing bowl, and baking pans, pots, and dry food pantry items.

Our Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet interior - cleaning supplies and dishes

We don’t use all of our kitchen cabinets, but the few that we do use store our cleaning supplies/sunscreen/bug spray, small food storage containers (not shown above), plates, bowls, cups, french press, and under the sink we have our garbage and extra paper grocery bags.

That’s a wrap for the kitchen tour. Next post, I’ll tour our living and dining room!