Minimalist Apartment Tour - Living & Dining Room

Two months ago we sold our 1,800 square foot home and moved into a 1,100 square foot apartment. We gave up about 700 square feet, an unfinished basement, and a backyard. How has our family adapted to our new home?

I am happy to say that we have transitioned just fine. We really aren’t lacking in space due to our minimalist lifestyle.

Our living room is a huge rectangular space. At first, we used to spread our couch, chairs, and TV across the room, but we found the space lacked that cozy feel I love. So we are pretending that we have about half the space and now have a cozy living room feel.

Our dining room is small and efficient and doubles as our office space. My husband and I set up our laptops opposite each other every morning to work and drink coffee. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day. Here is a look at our living and dining rooms:

Living and dining room collage

My favorite thing about our living room is the picture collage above the couch. I created a map of the U.S. to showcase pictures of summer road trips! (We have a goal to hit all 50 states with our girls. We are now at 46!) I have separate smaller frames for when we get to Alaska and Hawaii. And then I have my favorite wedding day photo!

We don’t have any storage in our living room. You may find a few movies from the library by the TV or a book by the couch, but that’s it. On the floor, against the side wall, is a small clear bin - that’s where our internet is connected, so we just tucked the cables, router, and modem in the bin.

Hanging above the dining table is a special piece of artwork from each of our kids. On the table is our Norfolk Pine named LuLu. She serves as our Christmas tree. It’s fun to watch her grow every year!

Just about all of our furniture is second hand at the moment. Our futon couch, black IKEA chair, and IKEA dining table are from Craigslist. My parents gave us some hand me down furniture to help round out the living room - end table, lamp, and white chair. The TV table is the kids’ old play table. And we are using old random folding chairs at our dining table.

That’s a wrap for the living and dining room tour. Next post will be the final tour of our apartment - the garage!