Minimalist Apartment Tour - Garage

Two months ago we sold our 1,800 square foot home and moved into a 1,100 square foot apartment. We gave up about 700 square feet, an unfinished basement, and a backyard. How has our family adapted to our new home?

I am happy to say that we have transitioned just fine. We really aren’t lacking in space due to our minimalist lifestyle. Our apartment comes with a single car garage - this works just fine for us since we are a single car family. And with being in an apartment - we got rid of most of our home and lawn maintenance items that would need storage space in the garage.

Here is a look at our garage:

Single-car garage with minivan parked

Single-car garage, left side with bikes, etc

Single-car garage back with garbage and recycling

Other than our minivan, we have a few bikes, a wagon, a hose, shovel, swim floaties, and a large cooler housing miscellaneous toys. Our favorite part is our garbage and recycling bins - they are tiny! Did you know that you can call your local waste management company and ask for smaller bins?

That’s a wrap for the apartment tour. Thanks for visiting!