A Simple Halloween Decluttering Trick

A few weeks ago, we got a Halloween costume catalog in the mail. My girls went crazy over it. They probably spent an hour looking at all the choices and picking out their favorites. Then they called me over to show me what they would like to get: Cleopatra, A Movie Star, and a Bollywood Dancer. I believe the total cost was close to $300 for the full costumes. While these costumes were wonderful, I had another idea:

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on brand new Halloween costumes, we took our kids to Goodwill to pick out second-hand costumes. In the end, our girls ended up creating three fun costumes they love: Cleopatra, a 1920’s Flapper, and Sleeping Beauty. Even better, it cost us $24 total!

While shopping secondhand for Halloween costumes is an awesome trick in and of itself, here is my Halloween Decluttering Trick:

Have your kids pick out an old costume or toy they would like to trade in for their new costume. Head to the donation drop-off first. Have your kids hand in their old item. Then take them into the store to pick out their new costume!

This can become a fun Halloween shopping tradition. And, it’s an easy way to introduce the One In One Out Rule.