Why I Love the Simple Life

The way I see it, living simply is about filling your daily life with the things that bring you joy and peace, limiting the things that bring you stress, and eliminating the unnecessary. When I am able to find this balance in my life, I find that my soul is filled.

Based on my definition above, everyone’s “simple life” will look different. So the way I live simply may not seem simple to you. That’s OK.

It’s about taking the time to understand yourself, how you tick, what brings you energy and what drains you of that energy. When you understand this, you can start simplifying your life. You will know what to say Yes to and what to say No to. This applies to your schedule and to your home.

When you live simply - your style of simple - life flows from a place of joy. It doesn’t mean that life is perfect, but it means that you can spend more time enjoying your life and less time managing your life. You will find yourself with less stress and more energy.

I’ve spent the last few years simplifying my family’s life. I have gone from a house full of toy clutter, kitchen clutter, and calendar clutter to an apartment with a handful of toys, a simple kitchen, and a calendar that has a few commitments we love to be a part of.

Life isn’t perfect, but it is simple.

And simple is right where I want to be - finding the right balance of stuff and commitments in this crazy cluttered world.

Do you love the simple life? What is one thing you do to keep your schedule/home simple?