My Three Balancing Acts

I’m the type of person that loves to dive into a project and lose myself in it. While this can be great, I let all other things in my life go, resulting in chaos. I know there are three major areas of my life that I need to figure out how to balance - my home, my health, and my creative mind.

My Home

For me, this is taking care of my family. I’m a stay-at-home mom of three girls. I’m constantly being pulled in opposite directions to play, clean, cuddle, clean, feed, settle fights, feed, beg for shoes to be put on, and collapse on the couch with the house still a mess.

Being a stay-at-home mom is a full time job. And an exhausting one at that. But if it’s all I do, I find myself feeling empty. It’s hard to say that. Is that wrong? I don’t think so.

I think I need to keep my identity along with being a messy hair, coffee drinking mom.

My Creative Mind

When I find a project I love working on, I feel energized. Honestly, I have more energy for my kids. I smile more. I love writing here on this blog and I’ve started working with my husband over at Keep Thrifty.

Before we sold our home, I was always working on a home update projects - usually painting. I pretty much painted every surface of that house besides the floor. I found painting therapeutic and I loved it. Though I am happy to have a break at the moment.

The thing that gets tough for me is that I get too focused. I wanted to spend more time on my project at the sacrifice of keeping up with laundry or cleaning up the dishes. For a little while it’s OK, but then I have to do a last minute load of laundry so my daughter has clean pants in the morning or I find myself feeling stressed being surrounded by messes.

And this depletes my energy. I love my creative outlets. I even need them. They are my thing, my personal accomplishments, and they fulfill me. But if I let it take over my days, I find that I’m not the stay-at-home mommy I want to be.

My Health

Then there’s my health. There’s my overall health, eating right, exercising, and keeping up with physical therapy exercises to avoid re-injury that I don’t make time for.

I strive to eat healthy. I really want to, but I’m a stress eater. I’m not making an excuse, just acknowledging the reality. With three little girls, my willpower gets depleted fast and I head for the candy way too often. I’ve tried doing push-ups instead of eating chocolate, but I haven’t found it as satisfying.

I want to workout regularly. And in the past I did. I use to go to the gym and workout for 1.5 hours five to seven days a week. I was in the best shape of my life. Once my twins started preschool, I told myself that I was going to use my two hours every other day to get to the gym. It was going to be great.

Spoiler alert, this did not happen. Not even once. I soaked up the silence with a coffee and a good novel on my couch. It was bliss. I didn’t even clean up toys!

The following year, I had three hours five days a week to myself. I was definitely going to get to the gym. NOPE. I didn’t do it then either. I spent all my time painting or reading.

This is the first year that all three of my girls are in school full time and I promised myself I was going to go to the gym regularly again. AND I DID! For about a month. Then I ended up with extreme sciatic nerve pain. Up until recently, I’ve been spending my days laying in bed because walking, standing, and sitting were too painful.

Now that I’m on the mend, I’m telling myself I should get back to the gym. I want to, but then I look my windows at the gloomy gray sky and want to hunker down with a coffee and work on my next project.

I know this isn’t good. That I need to balance my days better. All three areas of my life are important and they need space in my life. I just need to get better at balancing them.

My Plan

Honestly, I don’t know what my plan is. And I’m sure that by the time I figure it out, something in my life will have changed. It will probably be Christmas break and my routine will fall apart with the girls out of school for two weeks.

Such is life. I learned this when our oldest was a baby. By the time I finally got her on a good napping schedule I had about two weeks to enjoy the routine before her growing body was ready to change it up again.

I know I’ll have to be flexible. I know I need to be more disciplined. When I figure it out, I’ll share it with you. And if you have any secrets for eating healthy, making sure you get to the gym, or balancing anything else in your life, please comment below!