Winter is an Ideal Time to Declutter Your Home

Today’s post is a guest post by Jennifer Scott at Spirit Finder.

Many families find themselves stuck inside the house, sometimes for several days at a time during inclement weather. As a result, cabin fever begins to take a toll, kids become bored and pick fights with one another and parents are left stressed and overwhelmed.

One of the best ways to avoid family feuds is to create spaces for the kids to have fun inside the home. Even if you have limited space, there are ways to make staying home less stressful for everyone. The first step is to declutter, especially in the basement or garage, so the kids will have room to run around. Especially for little ones, it’s important for them to have the ability to release their energy when they can’t get outside.

It’s time to come up with games and activities that will keep them entertained and engaged; perhaps you can even through in something educational. Here are a few ways to brighten up your family’s time during dark and cold days.

Clean out the pantry

When your kids are home all day, chances are they’ll be heading toward the pantry a few times for snacks. Clean out and organize the pantry, cabinets and the fridge to make space for things your kiddos like to eat such as string cheese, sandwich crackers, fruit cups and granola bars.

Declutter the basement

Basements are the perfect place for kids to hang out, play and get a little loud when it’s too cold to play outside, but if it’s clogged up with items you can’t store elsewhere, you’ll need to organize. The five items most of us keep downstairs include luggage, holiday decorations, bulk food and paper products, memorabilia and “just in case” items. Go through these items to see what you can pare down. Make piles for things that can be thrown away, sold, or donated, and think about ways you can keep some items but utilize them differently. For instance, if you have boxes full of photos, see about scanning them on the computer and saving them to a thumb drive, which can be placed in a digital picture frame.

Move the coffee table

Most kids need movement during the day, so staying active is a priority. Consider moving the coffee table or other large pieces of furniture to the garage so there’s plenty of room for activity without fear of injury. Put on some music and let them have a dance party or set up stations around the living room with board games, science experiments, building blocks and computer games. This is a great idea for large families, since everyone can rotate stations and keep boredom at bay.

Clean out the closets

Winter is a great time to go through everyone’s closets and pull out anything from the warmer months. Make sure each child has plenty of long-sleeved shirts, warm hoodies and pants that fit. Take the opportunity to ensure everyone has gloves or mittens and hats that are in good shape. Anything that no longer fits or is better suited for warm weather can be donated.

Decluttering your home can be a big job, so it’s best to go room to room to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Remember that getting things organized will not only help your kids have fun this winter, it will also help you get a jumpstart on spring cleaning.