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I love reading books about decluttering, simple and eco-friendly living, and creating a zero waste home. Below, I have links to my favorites. I will continue to update this list as I find more amazing books. If you have any books you would love to share, please email me!


Eco-friendly Living

  • Zero Waste Home - Bea Johnson

    This is the first book I read about zero waste! Bea inspired me to try bulk food shopping. I've changed my grocery store and love the quality and cost of my bulk pantry.

  • The Zero-Waste Lifestyle - Amy Korst

    This book is full of ideas to switch from our conventional lifestyle to one that creates less trash with easy, moderate, and advanced options

  • Garbology - Edward Humes

    Such an interesting read - learn the history of our garbage disposal system, how our landfills really work (or don't) and how plastic never biodegrades.

  • Plastic Free - Beth Terry

    An amazing book with a wealth of information on plastic, why it is best to go plastic free in our homes, and solutions to help you ditch the plastic!

  • No Impact Man - Colin Beavan

    It's all about experimenting, because if you never try, you'll never know if you can live differently. Colin took on a year of experimenting with living in such a way to create as little negative environmental impact as possible (along with his wife and daughter). It's an awesome read! Or check out the documentary of their family's journey!

Living Differently (True Stories)

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