Our Hilton Head Island Vacation

We are home and finally settled back into every day life after our first ever winter road trip. It was an awesome trip and I’m excited to share a little bit of it here with you. I would definitely recommend visiting Hilton Head Island, SC if you have never been. It is beautiful down there!

Called to Adventure

There is something in me, calling me, yearning for adventure. I want to experience the world, get lost in an the narrow streets of an Italian city, relax on a beach in Australia, and see giraffes in Africa. I have an intense case of wanderlust.

For the Love of Decluttering Dishes

I used to shop at Target on a weekly basis and aimlessly walk through the home goods aisles. The kitchenware would always catch my eye. You know the aisle right, the one that they change out every season. The colors are bright and you can’t turn away. I would undoubtedly grab something, excited to add it to my growing collection at home.

What's Our Next Path

Soon we will be ready for the next phase in our minimalist journey - moving to a tiny home. But where that tiny home is located is a huge unknown for us. I see us going in one of two directions - which one will we pick?