How to Live with Less Furniture

Is your home filled with furniture - beds, dressers, tables, couches, chairs, etc? What if I said you could eliminate half of your furniture, still have everything you need and still enjoy your home? It is possible, here is how to make it happen:

Shopping Confessions

This past year I haven’t stepped into many stores and haven’t done much shopping for clothes. Honestly, it feels like I’ve been really good this year in not buying many clothes, but I looked at my spending over 2016 and was amazed at what I found.

My Minimalist Dream Coming True

Why live simply? Why minimalism? Why would anyone want to live this way? My short answer: JOY. This way of life isn’t for everyone. Not everyone would enjoy living this way. But for me, it a dream come true.

My Quest for the Perfect Shampoo

Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on your shampoo bottle? It just doesn’t sit well with me. So many chemicals! WHY? IS THIS NECESSARY? It just seems like a bad idea to be putting these ingredients on our body and down the drain. So I did some searching. Here is what I discovered!

The Freedom of Contentment

According to the word content means: to be satisfied with what one is or has. In order to be content with what one has, first we need to be thankful. Are we truly thankful for what we have, or do we feel that what we have is never enough?