Avoid the Shopping Vortex

Confession - I rarely step into a mall anymore. I remember walking through the mall over a year ago and all I could think was, THIS IS CRAZY! How many clothes are actually in this huge building in all these different stores? Is this really necessary? What a waste of materials and labor!

Plastic Free

I just finished reading Plastic Free by Beth Terry. Its an amazing book with a wealth of information on plastic, why it is best to go plastic free in our homes, and solutions to help you ditch the plastic!

3 Minimalist Toys & Orenco Station

The greatest minimalist toy is the imagination. There are boundless things to do and create, storylines to make up and play out, and can be done by oneself or with as many friends as you would like!

Enjoy the Outdoors

When I get out doors I end up feeling refreshed. I experience a slower pace of life and enjoy the scenery and fresh air. This seems to fill my soul. I feel happy and relaxed. As a bonus, I find myself naturally more active.

Love Our Sentimental Items

What are your sentimental items? Maybe they are your old childhood and high school things. Maybe items from your wedding or your babies? Or even tougher on our hearts - items of a loved one who is no longer with us.