While I love decluttering, I am also passionate about making sure that our decluttered items go to good use. Instead of throwing things in the trash, recycle them! Below are links and ideas to help you recycle your old items. I will be continuing to update this list. And if you have any organizations you would like to share, please email me!


  • Adorned in Grace

    Give your wedding dress new life. Mail it in to this nonprofit bridal shop. Proceeds go to help and prevent sex trafficking victims.

  • Apple Renew Program

    Drop off your old Apple devices at your local Apple Store or mail it in for recycling. Apple is dedicated to making sure their devices will be recycled responsibly or given a chance to be used again.

  • Blue Jeans Go Green

    Don't toss your old denim. Give them new life as eco-friendly insulation. Find a local drive or mail your denim direct.

  • Local Library

    Instead of keeping a home library of books & movies, donate them to your local library. You still get to enjoy them, but also share and save storage.

  • Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe Program

    Give your worn out athletic shoes new life as apparel, shoes, and surfaces. Drop off your old footwear at a nearby Nike store.

  • Samsung Mobile Take-Back Program

    Mail your old phone back to Samsung to be recycled and reused as resources in manufacturing.


    If you are decluttering your closet or looking to replace an item - think tredUP! Order a CLEAN OUT KIT or search for cute secondhand clothes (womens & kids).

  • Best Buy Recycles

    Best Buy recycles so much more than TV’s and Computers (cables, headphones, remotes, calculators, vacuums, cameras, etc). Check out the full list and see what you can recycle instead of sending to the landfill.

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