About Me

Hi, I’m Jaime. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you find my posts helpful in your own decluttering journey. I’ve always enjoyed decluttering, but it wasn’t until I discovered minimalism that my love for decluttering made sense. Before, I would buy new items and constantly declutter the old (not so old really). It became a cycle of never ending upgrading and spending.

When I learned about minimalism, it all clicked. That was the lifestyle I wanted, but hadn’t realized until I could put a name to it. I started consuming any information I could on minimalism. It helped me look at my home and my life differently. I started asking - How do I want to live? and Are my possessions helping me or preventing me from getting where I want to be?

I started in the kitchen. This may be daunting for some, but I don’t enjoy cooking so it was a great first step for me. I emptied cabinet after cabinet, questioning everything. Why did we have so many plates and bowls? Why did we have so many gadgets for specialty cooking? Why did we have champagne glasses when I don’t even like champagne?

We kept 10 small plates and 10 bowls for our family of five. We got rid of the big forks and spoons in our flatware set. Any cooking items that could be simplified to the stove or oven were removed (goodbye quesadilla maker, crockpot, & toaster). I put painters tape over our microwave to see how long we could go without using it. I lasted four days, but replaced the tape with renewed energy and lasted a full year. We haven’t used a microwave since.

In a matter of weeks half our kitchen cabinets were empty. Any items I wasn’t sure we could live without were moved to the basement. If we needed them, they returned to the kitchen (but not before trying to find a way to use what we currently had in the kitchen).

After the kitchen, I followed this same process in every room of our house. Soon, half of our home was empty. And crazy enough, we were just as happy. We didn’t feel lacking in any way.

This is when my eyes opened to a whole new idea. If we were happy living with less, we could downsize our home. This would save us money on our mortgage, property tax, and utilities. My spending habits had also improved (goodbye impulse purchases at Target)

This journey started in 2014. By 2016 we were happily living in half of our home. In 2017, we sold our home and downsized to an apartment (a big experiment in living in a smaller space with three kids). And now, in 2019, we are building a small home about 1,100 square feet, sweetly nicknamed The Little White Shack, on a small lot in our hometown.

6 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I love Jesus, my husband, & 3 daughters
  2. I write on another blog, Keep Thrifty
  3. I only travel with my backpack
  4. I refuse to upgrade my phone
  5. I volunteer in a school library
  6. I drink my coffee black