How To Figure Out What You Need To Keep In Storage

tips Nov 13, 2020

Hey guys! You are on video number four of decluttering your basement. I'm so excited you’re here. You’re halfway done, really more than halfway done because these steps are just small ways to push you forward. You’ve  done the bulk of the work, and I couldn't be more proud of you and excited that you’ve gotten this far! Keep going because this stuff will just be the icing on the cake. 

 If you haven’t, downloaded the free guide that goes along with this video series.  It’s a checklist and it’s got great tips. You’ll love it, and it’ll help you through these steps. 

 Step number four is experiment. We’re going to take another look at that Keep pile. Over these past few steps, that pile’s gotten a little bit smaller and a little bit smaller and now we’re going to play around with what's left. 

 We are going to look through your Keep pile, and ask: “Are you still holding onto any "maybe, I’m not sure I’m going to need it someday down the road" items. Or maybe you’re still holding onto something because you feel guilty?”

 Whatever it may be, you’re holding onto an item because it’s a what if, maybe kind of thing. And I don’t want those to hold you back from your dream. So let’s go ahead and find those items, and pull them aside.

 I’m going to have you put those items into a bin or a box, if it’s a big item that’s okay as well, and then you’re going to label the bin/box/large item with a date. Probably three months from now is what I usually say. If it’s a seasonal item that’s six months away or now a year away, that’s okay. You can have those different items in a different box with a different date. But I think three months for everyday type of stuff is gonna be plenty. 

 You’re going to put those dates on there, and put them aside, put them in another area. And then walk away from them. 

 If, over the course of the next three months, or whatever that time period you picked, you need to pull something out, go ahead and do it. But anything that you don’t pull out, feel good about donating or selling. 

 I love this step because it lets you play around with living differently. And that’s going to make a huge difference in your life going forward. Because you don’t know what you don’t know. So go ahead and experiment and have fun with it and try different things. Not everything will move you forward in the way that you thought; it’ll give you clarity and help you go in a new direction. 

 I’ve experimented with a lot of stuff over the years, and some things we do end up letting go of and some things we do keep. Some things we keep and then realize: “actually, maybe we can experiment with this again. I just wasn’t ready before but I’m ready now” and we end up letting go. 

This step will help get those not sure items out of that pile, and give you the opportunity to live without them so you can see if moving forward without them is going to work really well for you. 

 That’s step number four - Experiment. Have fun with this, get it all set up and set aside, and I will see you in step number five of decluttering your basement. 

 Once again if you haven’t downloaded the checklist you can download it below and  snap some other really good tips. 

 In the meantime, happy decluttering and I will see you in step number five!

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