How To Handle The "What Ifs"

tips Oct 19, 2020

Ok, are you ready for step number 4? If you've gotten rid of your trash and recycling (step 1), you've picked your favorites (step 2), and figured out which favorites are going to help you move towards the lifestyle you want to live (step 3), you are ready for step 4. And I am so excited for you because step 4 is one of my favorites - experimenting!

What I mean by this is - take any "what if" items you are still holding onto and experiment with those. Go ahead and package them up or set them aside in a place that is out-of-sight and out-of-mind for a certain length of time.

You get to pick the length of time. It can be weeks, months, a year. You choose. During that time, try not to pull anything out of that pile. 

Now, if you do need something from that pile, go ahead and grab it. You get to use it. 

Anything that you didn't need during that length of time, you can now feel confident letting go of. Go ahead and donate or sell. No longer will you have those "what if" items hanging over your head and that will get you so much closer to the lifestyle you want to life. 

I am super excited for you. Have fun with this one. I can't wait to see you in video number 5. In the meantime, happy decluttering!

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