How To Make Decluttering Your Basement Really Easy

tips Nov 13, 2020

Hey guys! So you have found me in video number two of decluttering your basement. If you haven’t seen video number one we were decluttering the trash and recycling from the floor.

 I have a free pdf guide for you. It’s a checklist of what to do step-by-step for decluttering your basement. 

 For step number two, this is supposed to be a real simple step. It’s just easing you into decluttering. 

 We’re going to take that pile that you had at the end of step one, and we’re going to go through item by item asking: “Do I love this? Do I like to use it?” Just figure out what are those items you like and items you don’t like. 

 This should be simple. You pick up an item and ask yourself and make a decision. If it’s taking you longer than five seconds to make a decision, go ahead and put it in your heap pile. I don’t want you to worry about it at all. We’ll get back to it in another step. 

 This step should go pretty fast, really smoothly. Anytime you start to feel yourself getting anxious or stressed, you can take a step back and remind yourself that you don’t have to make tough decisions right now. It’s the stuff you know you want to get rid of, and the stuff you think you want to keep. 

 Go ahead and do that. Once you’ve got your two piles, get that Let Go stuff out of your house; donate, or have that pile set up to go ahead and sell. 

 Find me in step number three, video number three, and download the basement decluttering checklist if you haven’t. It’ll be super helpful. 

 In the meantime, happy decluttering!

 Get A FREE Basement Decluttering Checklist here

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