How To Transform Your Cluttered Basement

tips Nov 13, 2020

Hey guys! You have found me in video number three, step number three of decluttering your basement. If you haven't seen steps number one or two, we’ve gotten rid of your trash and recycling, and gotten rid of any items that you just know you don’t want and we are left with the keep pile.  

 Now we get to tackle that pile and take it a step further. In taking that next step I want you to think about: how do you want to utilize your basement? Is it so full you can’t use it for anything else? Do you want to have space for fitness equipment? Do you want to have a playroom? Do you want to have a laundry room? Do you want to be able to turn it from an unfinished basement to a finished basement? What is it that you want your basement to look like and to function for you?

 I would love to hear what your dreams for your basement are. I don’t know what my dreams for my basement are yet. As of right now, my dream is to keep it unfinished. Maybe that’ll change, and I’ll definitely keep you guys updated on that, but I love having a decluttered, unfinished basement with a lot of possibilities. But share your dreams with me, because I’d love to hear what you want to do. 

 Now that you know what you want to do with your basement, let’s look at that Keep pile, one item at a time again, and ask yourself: “If I keep this, is it going to help me achieve my goal? Is it going to prevent me from achieving my goal?”

 With some small stuff, you may feel like “how would this help or prevent me from finishing my basement?” It may not be one little tiny item, like a Christmas ornament. That’s not going to make or break your dream. But, eight tubs of Christmas ornaments might. That’s where you want to pick the ones you really love and let go of others so you have more space in your basement for what you really want to do with it. 

 Think about it this way. If you have big items taking up a lot of space; maybe you’ve got an old dining room table. Is that taking up a ton of space? You don’t use that table, you don’t like it. Maybe it was your grandma’s so you feel you have to keep it. You don’t have to keep it, it’s okay. See if someone else wants it, even sell it. You’re not enjoying it, right? You don’t have to feel guilty about that, but let it go onto someone else, so you can enjoy your basement the way you want because I know your grandma would want that for you. 

 Those are a few different ideas. Go through one item at a time and think: “If I let this item go, would I better be able to reach my goal, or my dream for my basement?” If so, go ahead and let it go and feel good about that, because you’re going to gain something even better at the end of this process. 

 That was step number three. Think about your dream for your basement, and for your life, and let go of items that will prevent you from getting where you want to go, or by letting them go, will help you get to where you want to go. 

 This is a really fun step. Have fun with it! 

 I will see you in video number four, step number four. In the meantime, if you haven’t found that decluttering guide for the basement, I have the link below. It’s a checklist that walks you through all six steps and has extra tips and goodies in there. You’ll really enjoy it and find it helpful. 

 In the meantime, happy decluttering and I will see you in the next video!

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