The Best Question To Ask Yourself

tips Oct 19, 2020

Alright, so what is the best question to ask yourself when you're trying to declutter? That question is, what kind of lifestyle do I want to be living?

The reason this question is so important is because the items in your life are either helping you move towards your goal or holding you back from your goal. 

This is step 3.

To start, we're going to grab those keep items from step 2 and go through those items one by one asking - Is this item helping me reach my goal or holding me back from my goal?

Now you may find that a lot of items feel neutral to you. If this is the case, ask yourself: If I let go of this item, will I gain something that helps me move closer to my goal?

For instance, maybe you can sell that neutral item and the money that you get, you can put towards the lifestyle you want to be living. So this is step 3.

Once you go through all of your keep items and ask that question, anything that isn't helping you move forward, go ahead and sell or donate. 

I've got 3 more steps to lead you towards that lifestyle you really want. So go ahead and find me in the next video and I will walk you through step 4. In the meantime, happy decluttering!

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