The First Thing To Declutter In Your Basement

tips Nov 13, 2020

Hey guys! It’s Jaime from Jaime Declutters and I am back here with you talking about how to declutter your basement. We’re going to go through all six steps to transform your basement and make it really easy and simple for you to do. 

 I know what it’s like to have a basement that is full of stuff. We store stuff down there, but every time we think about it, there’s so much crap down in the basement. So let’s get rid of it! Let’s tackle it, but I know the second you go down into your basement you’re overwhelmed by the sight in front of you. There’s so much, there's so many different piles, the area is big, and it feels impossible to try to tackle. It’s going to take forever, and it’s going to take up so much time and energy, and you’re not going to make any progress, and I don’t want that for you. 

 So here is the first step. We’re gonna sweep through the basement. What I’m going to have you do is focus on the floor. The reason I have you focus on the floor first is because most likely your basement has shelving in it, but probably that shelving is already full, and now stuff has started to pile up on the floor. We want to get that breathing space back for you, and clear the floor up so now you can walk down there, feel more peaceful, and then start tackling the shelves. 

 If your basement is very large and you have tons of stuff all over the floor, go ahead and just pick one area, one corner, whatever it is, niche out a small space that you are going to focus on first. 

 All you’re going to do is focus on the floor in that one little area, and only look for trash and recycling. This is the super easy part. You don’t need to make hard decisions, you don’t need to figure out “should I keep this? My kids made it, my grandmother used to have this…” you don’t need to worry about any of the hard stuff. Just focus on any trash and recycling that’s built up down there. There’s probably papers, there’s probably wrappers and other things that have worked its way down there that you know can be easily tossed. 

 Go ahead and do that. Grab trash and recycling and get that out of your home first. Anything that is on the floor that is not trash and recycling, try to get that all grouped together. You can use empty boxes; if it’s big stuff put it by the boxes, but get that stuff all in one little area together. 

 Once you’ve got the trash and recycling out of the basement of that area and you’ve got your other stuff piled up, go ahead and grab a vacuum or a broom and just refresh that area. Get any crumbs or dust or lint or anything that’s built up on the floor out of there. 

 You can take that keep pile, shift it a little bit, and vacuum or sweep that area as well. If you are doing this in small little chunks, do that and move on to the next small little chunk until you’ve gotten through the entire floor; just focusing on trash and recycling and sweeping and vacuuming the floor. 

 It’s going to give you so much more breathing space which also makes space in your mind for the next decisions. 

 I’ve got an awesome freebie for you. It has a checklist for decluttering your basement and includes all six steps. I’m going to go through the next five steps in the next five videos. Download this free checklist below. I’ve also got a bunch of ideas and decluttering tips of things you can let go of right away. 

 Find me in the next video. Happy decluttering!

 Get The FREE Basement Decluttering Checklist here

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