Love Your Closet

Imagine opening your closet doors. You easily locate the shirt and pants you want to wear and in minutes you are dressed and ready to tackle the rest of your day. Sounds good to me!

Are your mornings like this?

Or are they like this:

Digging through piles of clean clothes still in the laundry basket. Trying on a pair of pants, tossing them back in your closet, and grabbing a different pair. Trying to find your favorite shirt (it’s in the dirty laundry pile – does it smell? can I wear it again?). Where are the shoes that match your navy pants – can’t find them? Ok, go with the black pants or the gray ones or maybe jeans today? How about that shirt – nope. That one – nope. That one – nah. Ugh – I don’t like any of my shirts!

If your closet is a space of frustration, you can turn it into a closet you love with a few easy changes.

  1. Toss the clothes that don’t fit. If you have clothes that no longer fit but you are hoping they will at some point, it’s ok to say goodbye to them. When you lose the weight – celebrate with buying a new pair of pants or a super cute top that you love. If you are pregnant, I totally get it, but use this time to really declutter your closet. Keep three pre-pregnancy pants and shirts. Then when you get back to your pre-baby weight go celebrate with a fresh outfit or two!

  2. Be YOU. Everyone has a favorite outfit, style, or color. Embrace it. Go through your closet – the items you don’t love – say goodbye to. If you are a jeans girl and have a bunch of dress pants – get rid of all but one. If your favorite style is bohemian – live it out and toss those super traditional items. If you love navy – it’s ok not to have a shirt in every color of the rainbow.

  3. Have one week’s worth of clothes in your closet. This will cut down on your laundry build up, create space in your closet for easy viewing, and decrease your choices – allowing you to make a faster decision in the morning.

  4. Have a go-to date night outfit. Most of our days are spent at work or at home with our kids. You probably don’t need 10 different dresses for when you go out on a date, to a wedding, or holiday party. Have an outfit or two you can dress up or down depending on the formality of the occasion.

  5. Have versatile shoes. I suggest one or two pairs of tennis shoes for every day or workout wear, 1 pair of heels (nude color works with everything), 1 pair of boots for winter wear, and 1 pair of casual summer sandals. With this selection you will always know what you are putting on your feet when you walk out the door, saving yourself time and energy.

Once you make these changes, opening your closet doors will bring you a sense of peace. You will see a clean and naturally organized closet. All your clothes will be easy to see and grab. Outfits will be easy to create and you will feel wonderful in whatever you chose to wear.

If this sounds great, but you can’t get yourself to go through your closet, send me an email. If you are in the Madison, WI area I would be happy to come to your home and help you create a closet you love!