Love Your Dishware

I used to shop at Target on a weekly basis and aimlessly walk through the home goods aisles, the kitchenware always catching my eye. You know the aisle right, the one they change out every season. The colors are bright and you can’t turn away. I would undoubtedly grab something, excited to add it to my growing collection at home.

Does this sound familiar? Do you do this as well? Do you find that your cabinets are bursting with a variety of plates, bowls, cups, mini bowls, and serving dishes?

What if instead, your kitchen cabinets felt organized and airy, but still contained everything you need? What if one of your cabinets was actually empty? Does that seem impossible?

Here are a few ideas to get you started on clearing out your kitchen clutter!

  1. Toss Anything Broken: Do you have coffee mugs or plates that are chipped? Go ahead and give yourself permission to toss those items.

  2. Be True To Your Lifestyle: Are you a big entertainer? Maybe you aren’t and thus don’t need all those serving platters. Do you prefer a simple glass of wine to those fancy mixed drinks? Then you don’t need all those margarita and martini glasses collecting dust. Do you have fancy china but never use them - give them to someone who would!

  3. Take Away Half: You probably have way more dishes and cups than you could ever go through. Box up half of your plates, bowls, and cups and see if you miss any!

  4. Go Classic, Simple, & Versatile: Instead of having juice cups & wine glasses - get glassware that works as both. Instead of collecting coffee mugs, have simple white mugs. Instead of cute seasonal dishware, have simple white plates/bowls that can feel casual or fancy.

  5. Find A Daily Use For Unique Items: Maybe you got a cute bowl while on vacation. Instead of tucking it in a cupboard, use it as a fruit bowl or your catchall on your kitchen counter. If later you are having company and want to use this dish, tuck the items in the bowl aside for the occasion. (note: Keep only a few of these types of meaningful items.)

Once you make these changes, you’re cabinets will no longer be packed to the brim. They will be naturally organized and spacious, making it easy to grab what you need without other items toppling out!

If this sounds great, but you can’t get yourself to go through your dishware, send me an email. If you are in the Madison, WI area I would be happy to come to your home and help you find space in your kitchen cabinets!