Love Your Kids Toys/Playroom

Do you have a dedicated playroom for your kids? Is it overflowing into the rest of your home or is clean up a nightmare with your kids? Decluttering the toys will definitely make life more manageable.

Are you nervous that your kids will fight you on letting go of toys? Here are a few ways to tackle this challenge and start taking back your home from the toy clutter!

  1. Do You Need A Playroom: If you have a playroom, do you need it? I’m being honest - your kids probably bring everything to the living room or their bedroom anyway. You could clear out an entire room for another use by consolidating the toys your kids have outgrown or never play with.

  2. Give Each Child A Personal Bin: If your kids are into their own things (maybe you have a daughter and a son - one likes barbies and one likes ninja turtles). Give them each a bin of the size of your choosing and tell them they can keep whatever they want as long as it fits in their bin!

  3. One Bin/Category: Maybe you have toys that all your children play with such as a play kitchen, blocks, and dress up items. Give each category a bin and keep only enough to fill each bin with play food, blocks, and costumes respectively.

  4. Make It A Game: If your kids are fighting you on decluttering their toys turn it into a game. Have them pick an item to keep and an item to give away.

  5. Keep Only Versatile Toys: Toys (like kitchen gadgets) can get really specific. Try to stay away from these and declutter (avoid purchasing) these first. You can have a dollhouse full of furniture and accessories, along with a bin full of dolls. OR. You can have a favorite block set and random characters (family, princesses, animals), that encourage your kids to use their imagination.

Decluttering kids toys isn’t easy (and there will be complaining). It’s best to be honest with why you want to declutter and what you want for your family. Maybe you want to make it easier for everyone to clean up after themselves or use their imagination more. You can explain that you are going through your personal items as well in order to be intentional about keeping only the items you love.

It’s normal for kids to say they love all their toys or that they don’t want to get rid of anything. Take small steps with them if you are trying to minimize after years of endless toys. Maybe box up a bunch of toys and put them in the basement to experiment first.

If this sounds great, but you can’t get yourself or your kids to make progress in the toy department, send me an email. If you are in the Madison, WI area I would be happy to come to your home and help you get the toy chaos under control.