Love Your Pantry

When you open your pantry, what do you see? Is it full of different boxes of cereals, granola bars, crackers, instant oatmeal, mac and cheese, and cookies? Is it overflowing? Are unknown containers tucked back and forgotten behind the new ones up front?

Your pantry can be a thing of beauty and health. A place that encourages good eating and brings a smile to your face. Here’s how:

  1. Toss Expired Items: Pull everything out of your pantry and onto your counters. Anything that is expired - toss!

  2. Buy/Store Staple Items In Jars: Instead of purchasing pre packaged items (such as rice, beans, coffee, pasta, flour, sugar, oats, honey, and syrup) buy from the bulk section of your grocery story (or find a grocery store that has one). Bring cute jars to fill such as Le Parfiat jars or Ball. Then when you get home you can just place your jars straight into your pantry!

  3. Limit Variety: If you tend to grab a ton of snack items and cereals, try to simplify. Buy two types of cereal at a time - once used up, mix it up with a different option. Same with snack foods - one week have goldfish and pretzels, once used up buy popcorn and chips. This will keep your pantry from getting cluttered!

  4. Use Up What You Have: Before you go and buy more, try to use up what you have! At the end of the month I take note of the items we haven’t used up and plan meals/snacks around those items, buying only what we need for fillers.

  5. Go Fresh: Do you have a lot of canned fruit or vegetables? Use them up and try to go fresh. It will save space in your pantry and will be healthier.

  6. Let Your Kids Play: Sometimes I buy items for a recipe that we end up not liking. I’m left with random ingredients just sitting and taking up space in my pantry. If you have young kids, they love to play with food and make recipes. Give them a small bowl or cup half-filled with water, bring out those random ingredients, and let them have fun!. They’ll create a unique (and yes gross) drink, potion, or pudding!

After pulling out expired, no longer loved items and limiting the variety you can have a pantry that inspires instead of overwhelms!

If this sounds great, but you can’t get yourself to dig through your pantry, send me an email. If you are in the Madison, WI area I would be happy to come to your home and help you organize your pantry.