Love Your Sentimental Items

Throughout our lives, we naturally collect meaningful items - childhood stuff, wedding items, vacation souvenirs, baby clothes, etc. Most of these items end up saved in boxes tucked away in the basement. Why do we do this - hide our treasured items? Maybe we can turn this around, pick a few items to be loved in our home and let the other stuff go.

How do you pick what to pull out and what to say goodbye to? Here are some ideas:

  1. Wedding Dress: OK, I know, this is a tough one! This dress is the most important dress that we girls dream of and once we get it, who wants to get rid of it? Here are some ideas to put it to good use: Have it repurposed into a baptismal gown for your baby. Try to sell it and make a little money. Or donate your dress to Adorned In Grace, a nonprofit bridal retail store in Portland, OR, raising awareness for the prevention of sex-trafficking and support for its victims.

  2. Childhood Items: Eighteen years is a long time to create a variety of collections. If you have multiple toys, pick your favorite one to hold on to. I suggest saying goodbye to yearbooks and clothes with your high school logo on it.

  3. Baby Items: Having a baby is a special life changing moment. To show how special this little one is, we save everything - hospital wristbands, baby clothes, blankets, etc. It’s OK to simplify this collection. A baby book displayed in your living room with pictures, notes, and hospital wristbands is great. Maybe just keep the outfit your newborn wore home instead of a bin full of clothes and blankets.

  4. Loved Ones Items: When a loved one passes away, we are left with an emptiness in our hearts and boxes of their personal items to remember them by. Remember that if you choose not to keep all their personal items, it doesn’t mean you are letting go of all your wonderful memories. Memories are kept special in your heart and soul and no one can take those away. The key is to keep the things that you would like to display or use in your life (instead of boxed up in your basement). It’s ok to let the other items move on to be useful to others.

Our basements can become the holding spot for all things sentimental. I find this so interesting, that the things we tell ourselves are so important, are boxed away never to be used or seen. Instead, love your sentimental items. Go through your boxes, decide what you love would love to display. Allow the rest of those items to be used and loved by others.

If this sounds great, but you’re having trouble getting through those boxes of sentimental items, send me an email. If you are in the Madison, WI area I would be happy to come to your home and help you go through those sentimental boxes.