First Little White Shack Design

I am so freakin excited! Big news - We bought a small lot to build on!

The land we purchased is centrally located in our town within walking distance to the kids’ school, our favorite pizza place, our church, a coffee shop, and an awesome bike trail! It had been owned by the Village with an old utility building on it. They knocked that down and decided to sell the land. This was perfect for us because it meant no deed restrictions such as minimum square footage - WE CAN BUILD SMALL!

Since closing on the sale, I’ve been working on a home design - something small, simple, beautiful, and matches our minimalist lifestyle. The house is 20 feet wide by 24 feet deep, two story, with a two-car garage, and an unfinished basement. Here are 3D images of what I came up with so far!

Front view

Back view

Main floor view

Upstairs view

Do you currently live in a small home with a family? What do you love about living small?