How Minimalism Has Improved My Life

As my husband and I dive deeper into living a minimalist lifestyle, we are slowly sharing this change with the people around us. Today we were asked how becoming minimalists has improved our lives. As expected, we have less to maintain and clean and more time for the things that we value. But I knew I had another answer; one I wasn’t able to answer in the moment. Something bigger. Something life changing. This is what I didn’t get the chance to share…

All That Matters

When you give away 90 percent of your possessions, you learn a lot about what is important and how you want to live in this world. You start to grow from the inside out into a person that can stand up to a consumer driven world and begin to follow your passions. All that remains is the stuff that matters! Here is what I didn’t expect to get out of minimalism:

  1. Letting Go Of Impressive Possessions: We are told that we need that big impressive home, but this is a lie. Sure, we need a place to call home, to feel safe. But whether you are sleeping on a clean floor in a sleeping bag or in an expensive bed full of expensive linens, your needs are being met. We can have happiness, love, and joy in the minimalist of homes. All that other stuff - it’s just not necessary.

  2. Making A Dream A Reality: I had dreamed of traveling, but spent all my energy and money on filling our home with stuff. There was no money left over for travel until I became a minimalist. With more money freed up, we started road tripping with our kids with the goal of visiting all 50 states! We are over half way there!

  3. A Stronger Marriage: When my husband and I were dating we would talk about our dreams. Then we got married and start facing all the burdens of life together. Those struggles pulled us away from our dreams. When we became minimalists, we found ourselves talking about our dreams again. Our marriage has flourished in our minimalist lifestyle.

Becoming minimalists, we have been able to let go of all that does not matter. And in doing so, found ourselves investing in all that does matter - LOVE.

What is something that you wish you could do, but feel your current lifestyle holds you back from?