Minimalism Led To A Life Of Intention

What if we were able to clear out not only the items in our life, but the actions in our life that overwhelm us? What if we could intentionally create a life that left us feeling fulfilled instead of exhausted?

I have spent years not living intentionally. I didn’t really know what I wanted. Actually, that’s not true. I knew what I wanted, but I pushed that aside to strive to impress the world. I took on the pressure of wanting it all and feeling like we were never going to get there, no matter how financially successful we were. I allowed impulse shopping to overshadow spending (and saving) with intention. I allowed my schedule to be filled in order to please others. In result, I found myself exhausted and feeling like I might never truly feel joy.

Then minimalism came into view. Joshua Becker defines minimalism as: The intentional promotion of the things that we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it.

And that’s what I started doing.

Start With The Stuff

I started with looking at the physical items in our home. I questioned everything. Every cup, plate, item of clothing, toy, and bathroom toiletry. When I did this, I found myself clearing out more than half of our home. And this has been a blessing.

Then I started looking at our calendar. I simplified our obligations. We started saying NO to things that didn’t align with how we wanted to spend our days. We acknowledged when we felt worn down and created a calm weekend. We set a limit to the number of after school activities in order to have better family evenings.

All these changes freed us up to start talking about how we wanted to live.

An Intentional Step

My husband and I have dreamed of a slower paced life. One that makes time for daily exercise, working on something we are passionate about, walking together to pick up our kids from school, weekends of hiking and walking to church, and being able to travel freely with our kids for an extended period of time.

And now we are starting to take the steps in making this a reality. My husband is leaving his full time job. We are leaving the security of a regular paycheck to start living out our dream. Along with this change, we are selling our home and moving into an apartment. Freeing up the equity in our home is allowing us to take this leap with a safety net.

The great thing about taking a this next step is that it is forcing us to be intentional. We will have a limited budget while we are living off our home equity. This means that I will be questioning everything I spend money on and making plans for how we will use our funds. We are looking into traveling to Hawaii for two weeks in 2018! None of this would be possible without taking this next step. And I am so excited to step into this new season of life July 1st, 2017!

What is your next step to living intentionally?